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I have a proposition for you, dear Ariane.

Things are proceeding a bit too quickly for my tastes, and I need information. I'm sure you feel the same.

I could gather it all myself, and will, if I must, but frankly I am still learning half the crew's names, much less their opinions. Much as I hate to rush through things and chop and change in the middle, I don't have time for dozens of Interrogations.

You know this ship and this crew, and you're the only one on this ship who understands people's minds at least half as well as myself. Together we could cover much more ground than apart.

Any objections?
This is Deanna Troi, Quartermaster. What follows is a recording of myself deposing dwarven artist Urist McPainter in the gallery this afternoon.

cut for lengthCollapse )
[With just a teeny bit of gloating in her voice.]

As you can see, I have determined the cause of the attacks. I have relinquished Mr. McPainter into the custody of Security personnel. Hopefully, now that he is aware of his ability, attacks to the ship should cease.

Thank you.

My name is Deanna Troi, and I have recently joined this ship as your new Quartermaster.

I look forward to meeting you and learning as much as I can about all of you and this fascinating ship.

Should you have need of me, I can be reached in the Quartermaster's office.

Permissions Post

Deanna has extremely highly-tuned empathic abilities. She also has much less powered and very conditional telepathy.

Her empathic skills allow her to sense the moods and emotions of others, particularly if she's engaged in conversation with them. I will automatically have her know what your character is feeling (though help from you would be incredibly appreciated, of course!) If this bothers you, and you want it to be impossible for her to sense your character's emotions, please say so here. If it's perfectly okay and you want her to know what your character is feeling all the time, please say so here!

Her telepathy is limited. She may be able to brush over surface thoughts of a person, especially if engaged in conversation. Surface thoughts include anything your character is thinking about that is not secretive. For example, she would not be able to suddenly know that your character IS PLANNING WORLD DOMINATION, but she might be able to read through the fact that your character was hungry, or anything they were overly stressing on at the current moment.

If your character is either:
A. Engaged in sexual relations with Deanna or having extensive physical contact with her,
B. Currently in extreme amounts of pain (preferably that she is causing,) or
C. Being Interrogated by Deanna

she will have full access to all thoughts in your character's mind at that time, and can slice and shift her way through them at her leisure. She is ONLY able to do this when one of the above situations applies.

With that in mind, if there's anything you under any circumstances don't want her to know about, either surface thoughts or otherwise, please leave a message about it here.

If there are things that it is perfectly okay for her to know and you want her to be able to find them out, please put it here!

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